Billboards - their Advantages and Disadvantages as an Advertisement Medium

Businesses regularly are on the look-out to find new ways to advertise and promote their products or services. Effective advertising methods will vary from business to business, and the only way to find out if billboard advertising is right type of advertising for your business, you must examine advantages versus disadvantages and then make a decision.


Since billboards are generally placed along motorways and busy streets, you have the advantage of your billboard being seen whether they like it or not. Another major benefit is that the same route to work or back is used repeatedly. Regular sightings of the same billboard will re-inforce the signs advertising message.

Many buildings alongside a major traffic thoroughfare offer the opportunity of placing billboard advertising and some of their locations might be close to your business or showroom down the road, and you can choose a site that will have the most impact.


According to research undertaken on average a person will see billboard for about two to three seconds which means you have to keep your advertising tag line short and sweet.