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We specialise in Shopping Centre Pylon Signs, Office Park Directional Pylons and Petrol Station Totem Pole Signage, Informational Pylon Signage, as well as petrol/service station Pylons. Pylon signs are effective in any area where roadside visibility is a must.

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Pylons Signs, the key to your business' success

Pylon Signage posts are a good way to get your business noticed, and are sometimes referred to as a Totem Pole, Main Identifier or Pylon tower A Pylon sign is a relatively tall signage advertising structure at the side of a shop, gate, bridge, or business avenue, Pylon signs usually mark an entrance or approach.

In recent times we have seen a constant growth in the usage of Pylon signage structure. Most often used at Service stations or entrances to Malls and shopping centres, Pylons signs can also be found at Airport entrances, Franchise Parks, and Stadiums arena’s. Pylons signs are very easy to install and maintain. Pylonsigns.co.za specializes in custom designed pylon signage services. This is the often best way to get your business noticed ahead of your competitors.

A pylon sign offers high impact visibility and low maintenance exposure for your business. Our Pylons range from as small as a 2m indoor Pylon, right up to a 16 metre high Pylon signs, supplied as a bare structure, or a fully cladded, illuminated and branded structure , with Naming logo at the top, as well a catering for multi-tenant positions on the pylon sign itself.

We invite you to test the full capabilities of our facilities and staff, as we have the experience to guide, lend advice, as well as to produced conceptualised artwork and full scale modelling of your pylon sign, and not forgetting installation, as well optionally full maintenance.

Pylonsigns.co.za specializes in custom designed pylon signage services. Pylons signs can be found at Airport entrances, Franchise Parks, Totem Pole Signage can be found at Petrol's Stations, Shopping Complexes, Stadiums, Arenas and even Malls. This is the best way to get your business noticed ahead of your competitors.

A pylon sign offers high impact visibility and low maintenance exposure for your business.

We can help you decide which pylon sign best suits your needs

Elevate Your Brand

Pylon signs come in many diverse shapes and sizes. We can guide you through our unique Pylon sign design process to discover exactly what type of pylon signage package best suits your business requirements. Elevate your brand or business to new levels by exposing it with a Pylon Sign that shouts above all the other advertising noise and clutter

pylon sign
pylon sign

Pylon Signs Increase Visiblity

Choose from our range of Pylon designs, or let us help you design a Pylon sign that suits your exact needs. Pylon signs will successfully increase traffic to your business and be an integral part of your overall outdoor signage program. Our pylons signs range in size from as little as 2m high, to well over 16 metres high, and from under 1 metre wide to over 6 metres wide. Our team of designers and R&D specialists can custom design you a Pylon Sign, or you can choose, from a number of Pylon Sign design templates.

Draw Attention with Pylon Signs

They say first impressions last the longest. With a Pylon sign in front on your business, you have the highest form of visibility and exposure for your business. You can use a Pylon Sign to display your company's logo, this will draw alot of attention to your business. Pylon Signs can represent your business more ways then words can compare, drawing clients and others business closer to you.

pylon sign
pylon sign

Pylon Signs will provide your business with visibilty and exposure.

No matter if you are a single business looking for a street-side, stand-alone pylon or a property manager in need of a pylon for all of your properties and buildings, Pylon Signs.co.za signage department will assist you in finding or designing you a custom Pylon sign that suits your exact needs

Pylon Signs, typically have custom light boxes affixed to them and is available in different shapes and sizes. For single businesses a large light box with lettering is affixed to a large pole or is a self-standing 3-D fixture with several faces.

For landlords or property managers the traditional pylon consists of several light boxes built into a base made of metal, stone or brick with each tenant's logo installed onto each light box face.

Incorporate Electronic Messaging

Want to offer your tenants the opportunity to change their messages? Are you a single business that offers several sales promotions a year? An LED panel is the perfect upgrade for your pylon sign. These electronic light displays are computer controlled and allows all businesses to change their company signage on demand - providing a truly custom, timely and engaging experience

A pylon sign offers high impact visibility and low maintenance exposure for your business.

Find out about Pylon Signage

Pylon Signs

Pylon Signs (which are ground-mounted and free-standing) can vary in size and height, as well as construction methods. Free-standing signs are often the most effective in communicating your message to the public. They`re typically placed close to the roadway with the sign face perpendicular to the road. When they`re built to a proper height and size, they are the most readable of all signs.

A sign may be observed for later recall or it may prompt an immediate reaction and unplanned stop. The `impulse` trade is often the difference between profitability and business failure. In a busy society with mobile consumers, the sign is more than a welcoming`handshake`- it is a safe way-finding signal. The right on-premise sign can turn even a marginally visible site into a safe beacon for approaching motorists. Pylons Signs, typically mounted near the front of premises /building, create high visibility of your business to the travelling public.

A pylon sign serves as the gateway to your business, and is the first thing your potential customers will see. The power of pylon signage cannot be underestimated and smart business people recognise the importance of signage in raising the visibility of a business or service. It is for this reason that pylon signage has gained in popularity over the years. For their larger-than-life, vertical, tower-like and domineering presence, pylons attract attention. Seen along busy highways, motorways and streets in various towns and cities across South Africa, pylons are the perfect structures on which to display signs and signage that stands out and stands tall.

Visual Communication

There are various factors to take into consideration when creating pylon signage. These factors include:

  1. The right location

  2. Determining the size

  3. Using the correct materials

  4. Designing the structure

All of these elements play a very important role in enhancing the profile of a business or a brand. As a basic rule, signs, as a communication tool, must be noticeable, visible and memorable.

A high-rise pylon signage is no doubt a very effective street-advertising and communication medium.

Constructive Communication

By virtue of their size, pylon signs require expertise and know-how to construct. Solid ground foundations and rigging are required to ensure that the pylon stands strong. A range of durable and weather-resistant materials are used to ensure that pylons pass the test of longevity. These materials can include brick, cement, granite, marble, wood, aluminium, stainless steel and other metals. Additional materials such as glass, perspex and alucobond {a premium aluminium composite} can be used to create the signs that are appended to the pylon.

LED-lit, digital and electronic signage and slim-light boxes also provide the perfect media for businesses to illuminate their corporate identities. Expert sign makers like PylonSigns.co.za are able to provide clients with a broad range of pylon signage options based on corporate image, colour themes, aesthetic preferences, design requirements and most importantly cost considerations.

Long- Lasting Communication

Pylon Signage has an increasingly large impact on commerce and industry. Pylon signs can be seen outside banks, office parks, business centres, shopping malls, schools, universities, petrol stations and fast food outlets, making bold statements and standing tall.