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Signage plays an important role in our society

There are many different types of signage all across the world.

The role Signage plays in advertising your business, cannot be underestimated as it carries your brand ethos, positioning and message, thus acting as a silent communicator. Signage also assist us in our decision-making and communicate reasons why we should buy a certain product.

These signs are door signs, tenant signs, directional signs (like exit signs), Traffic signs (like stop signs), indoor signs (like Disclaimer signs), Safety Signs (like Danger signs), or signs restricting people (like No Smoking signs). There are also professionally manufactured signs like Neon signsfabricated signsLightboxesPylonsMonument signsbranding of cars and so on.

Unlike mass media, Signage is a cost effective way of advertising as it does not rely on expensive high technology.Anyone exposed to the signs is a potential customer whose behaviour may be influenced by effective designs and the creative use of illumination. The relatively inexpensive maintenance cost of signage makes it a highly popular method for branding and in the retail space in particular.

We have the skills and experience to advise you on designs and signage impact that is set to influence your potential customer.

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High Rise Pylon Signage

There are many advantages to using pylon signs for the signage of your businesses-the most important being their durability and versatility. Overseas studies have shown that if a business has good signage with great eye appeal, customers are intrinsically trusting of that particular business’s commitment to producing a quality product. Pylon signs are extremely helpful for giving a business this type of visibility.

Directional Pylon

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Outdoor Pylon Signage

Smart businesses are fully aware of the importance of pylon signage in raising the visibility of their brand or services. Due to their larger-than-life and towering presence, pylon signage undoubtedly attracts the attention a business needs. Seen along busy highways, motorways and streets in various towns and cities across South Africa, pylon signage are the perfect structures on which to promote your product or service.

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