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Pylons for Council Approval

Council Approvals - Pylon signs for on-premises advertising It is advisable to seek the local Councils prior approval for signage you plan in your target area. At Signs4sa we have extensive experience in Council submissions and approvals for Pylon or Billboard structures

Pylons, as a preferred advertising type, for instance

  • “pylon” means a structure designed solely for advertising purposes to which an advertising sign is attached, supported by or displayed on or a combination of such signs, for the purpose of on-premises advertising.
  • Pylon comes in various sizes and can be illuminated or none illuminated
  • It also comes in a double-sided view or single-sided.


Any pylon must be independently supported and for that purpose, it must be firmly secured to an adequate foundation in the ground and be entirely self-supporting without the aid of guys, stays, brackets or any other restraining device.

The dimensions of a pylon and its associated advertising sign must be such that the entire assembly, whether stationary or actuated, can be contained within a notional vertical cylindrical figure having the required diameter and height.

There is restriction such as… No activated or protruding part of a pylon sign or of an advertising sign associated with it may be less than a certain length above the highest point of the existing ground level immediately below that pylon.

Contact us for more information about Pylons and the applicable By-laws.We have numerous Pylon Designs to choose from, several of which already have engineers approval .

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Smart businesses are fully aware of the importance of pylon signage in raising the visibility of their brand or services. Due to their larger-than-life and towering presence, pylon signage undoubtedly attracts the attention a business needs. Seen along busy highways, motorways and streets in various towns and cities across South Africa, pylon signage are the perfect structures on which to promote your product or service.

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There are many advantages to using pylon signs for the signage of your businesses-the most important being their durability and versatility. Overseas studies have shown that if a business has good signage with great eye appeal, customers are intrinsically trusting of that particular business’s commitment to producing a quality product. Pylon signs are extremely helpful for giving a business this type of visibility.

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