Rent Your Signage! Introducing An Industry First

Why buy your signage (Pylons, Illuminated signage, building signage etc.), when you can rent them Generally you are allowed 9 years to write of your signage, with us, you are able to write-off the full amount every month ! It is tax-efficient , and allows better management of your cash-flow. While purchasing a pylon sign is one of the best investments for your business can make, the cash outlay needed can prove difficult for your business. That’s why has a rental program to help businesses take advantage of the benefits a sign can provide.

Benefits Of Renting A Pylon Sign

  1. You pay a monthly rental payment that can easily fit into your business budget.
  2. Deduct your monthly rental cost/payment as an operating expense.
  3. By locking in the amount of the monthly payment now, you will avoid future inflation risks.
  4. Renting provides use of the equipment for an agreed-upon monthly payment.
  5. New signs provides Increased profits-the amount of new business your pylon sign will attract, combined with low monthly payments, will result in increased profits for your business.
  6. Conserve your cash- cash flow is always important to your business. Keep more of it at work in your business by renting.
  7. Improve Cash Flow Forecasting with fixed monthly payments which helps you to budget into the future.


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Outdoor Pylon Signage

Smart businesses are fully aware of the importance of pylon signage in raising the visibility of their brand or services. Due to their larger-than-life and towering presence, pylon signage undoubtedly attracts the attention a business needs. Seen along busy highways, motorways and streets in various towns and cities across South Africa, pylon signage are the perfect structures on which to promote your product or service.

Billboards - Their Advantages And Disadvantages As An Advertisement Medium

Businesses regularly are on the look-out to find new ways to advertise and promote their products or services. Effective advertising methods will vary from business to business, and the only way to find out if billboard advertising is right type of advertising for your business, you must examine advantages versus disadvantages and then make a decision.

The Importance Of Pylon Signage

Whether it contains illuminated channel letters, neon lettering, an LED message centre, a pylon sign on the front of your business is the least costly means of advertising available to you over time. It is also the most targeted advertising you can do. Your sign constantly advertises your business to a potential customer who frequents the area where your business is located.

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