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The Importance Of Pylon Signage

If a sign costs you money it is not doing its job. It should effectively advertise your company and earn you money. A good pylon sign incorporates design and marketing decisions creating the message, look, and colours to create the required impact. Good signage gives a business an almost 90% probability of success. HAVE YOU ASKED YOURSELF THIS QUESTION? IF BUSINESS IS SLOW, WHAT DOES YOUR SIGN LOOK LIKE?

How important would a free-standing pylon sign be to your business? In the USA, McDonald’s says that on average simply changing a monument-styled sign in front of one of their stores to a pylon sign increases their store’s business by 15%. Purchasing the right signs helps a business survive by bringing higher returns.

At we can help you grow your business. If it’s a new business choose your location wisely and receive your landlord's approval of your signage package BEFORE you sign your lease.

Location Is Of Utmost Importance


The importance of “location” is paramount. How many potential customers will see your sign and be able to read and understand it. What is very important are the design and marketing considerations. Surprisingly 30% of traffic on almost all business streets occurs when it is dark; people see your sign only if it is lighted when it is dark out, including on dark days when everyone else's sign is lighted.

Your sign forms that very important “first impression” your potential customer has of your business. Your sign must always look nearly as good as it looked the day it was installed so that you don’t give potential customers a worsening impression of your business as your sign ages and to ensure they do not show sign of ageing, we use rust-proof metal, high-end automotive paint, high-impact plastics, and most importantly, sophisticated protective coatings.

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Directional Pylon

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Freestanding Pylon Signs Are The Most Effective Form Of On-Site Advertisement

Outdoor pylon signs come in different shapes and sizes, but no matter what business you’re talking about, they have a clear concise purpose that points consumers towards their establishment and invites them to enjoy what the company has to offer. No matter what shape, colour, size a pylon sign might be, their value lies in where the sign is located. There are some who think the best place is right on the building itself, while others, the people who really understand the value of signage, will venture to say that a freestanding pylon sign can’t be rivaled in effectiveness.

Billboards - Their Advantages And Disadvantages As An Advertisement Medium

Businesses regularly are on the look-out to find new ways to advertise and promote their products or services. Effective advertising methods will vary from business to business, and the only way to find out if billboard advertising is right type of advertising for your business, you must examine advantages versus disadvantages and then make a decision.

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